Biography & Statement

Michelle Haley’s entire life has been dedicated to the pursuit of her own unique style. Something unique which influences the lives of the people that precede her. Michelle, from a young age has been inspired by some of the greatest artists of our era. When art spoke to her, she was about five years old. Jackson Pollock's influence in her work, comes from the splatter paintings she created as a child, many unfortunately lost to time. The experience from that process has added a youthful playfulness to her work, in which she does not feel restricted to Academic standards & processes. Salvador Dali has also had a large effect on Michelle’s work. Dali being the driving force behind her outlook, that things may not always be as they seem, this has translated to the use of shape and colour symbolism in her work.
Michelle has dedicated her post-secondary education to Fine Arts, beginning with an Art Fundamentals Diploma from Seneca. Moving on to OCAD University, where she expects to graduate in the year 2022. Her schooling gave Michelle many opportunities to present her work to the public, starting in high school, she won her slot in a group exhibition in the 2016 TDSB show at Artscape Yongeplace. She has also shown her work in student galleries both at OCAD & Seneca.
Lastly, there is one small thing that truly sets Michelle’s technique apart from the rest, she uses high flow acrylics in tandem with a fan brush to create the linework for her ”Dynamic Unity.” style. This creates a consistently inconsistent line weight throughout the whole piece, which creates a feeling of pulsation and liveliness.
She truly believes that there is never a wrong way of creating and that there are ways to work the things that are perceived as mistakes and work them to your favour.

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